My first Konadicures!

Sunday, February 14, 2010
I was totally not going to post these, since, well...they suck. But I'd like to see my own progress and I can tell I've gotten better just in the couple days I've been playing with them!

I bought the plates M3, M71 & S10 from on Monday night. They were all out of M3 so it's shipping this week I hope! I was a little bummed since I bought it because it looked pretty easy and I really wanted to start with it.

Oh, and thanks to Jessica from Polished Lyrics, I bought the double sided stamper, which has helped me out SOOO much! I have really teeny tiny nails and I definitely need the small sized stamper.

The panda from S10 was the whole reason I bought the plate! It's so cute and I really, really wanted it. Unfortunately, Mr. Panda is very elusive and I don't think I'm up to the level where I can stamp it (yet)! Damn!!!

This was my first one! It's Color Club Front Row Diva (an awesome pearly light grey) stamped with Color Club Catwalk Queen (a dark vampy burgandy). I used the bow from S10.
Yeah...neither my photo skills, cuticles or placement are very good.
This ones a bit hard to see! I used Color Club Fashion Addict (an awesome lavender holo) stamped with Color Club Catwalk Queen again. Catwalk Queen was the easiest polish for me to stamp for some reason...I used the french nail tip with tiny bows from M71 and the bunneh from S10.
More bad photos but this Konadicure is a little better!

I had a lot of trouble picking up the stamps at first. After reading through TONS of blogs, I finally buffed the stamper down and it totally helped! Also, I was trying to use a credit card instead of the metal scraper (apparently it can scratch the plate, but it's only doesn't mess with the image) and I found after a lot of mistakes that the metal one worked much better for me!

Okay so does anyone have any Konad tips for me? Like maybe how I can stamp that damn panda? I always seem to only pick up about 90% of the image. The top of his head between the ears never shows up! Waaa!

On other news, I totally changed my template! I wanted something more, uh, basic? How do you girlies like this?