Cheer Bear using Aromaleigh Hi Fi Mattes!

Thursday, January 7, 2010
When one googles "Cheer Bear", some surprising images come up...

Well there's this one, which the guy apparently made himself (and I think is a bit awesome)...

And this one, which is OUT OF STOCK (who bought up all of these?)...

And this. Which creeps me out. A lot. Something about those eyes and smashed nose...I don't think I could sleep well knowing this guy was watching me. I feel like he's hungry...for my blood. (And only $21.99+18.99 S&H!)

What I used:
-Aromaleigh Hi Fi Retro Matte in Kookie- girly cool pink
-Aromaleigh Hi Fi Retro Matte in Real Gone- bright lemony yellow
-Aromaleigh Hi Fi Retro Matte in Cat's Pajamas- matte coral with warm orange tones
-Aromaleigh Hi Fi Retro Matte in Cranked- slightly muted coral red with slightest lustre
-Aromaleigh Les Papillons in Air & Light- A silvery white with highlights and sparks of every shade of the rainbow
-Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
-Wet N Wild Creme liner in black
-Hi Fi Cosmetics Concentrated Gel Blush in Amore- bright coral with golden flecks
-Revlon lipstick in Silver City Pink

I'm worried about Creepy McCheerBear coming to get me, can you tell? XD

So I thought this would turn out more pink, but Kookie was going white on me and I had to improvise! Therefore, it's still kind of Cheer Bear-esque. I used Kookie in the inner vee, then Real Gone, Cat's Pajamas and finally Cranked, which I blended into the crease. I also used Air & Light to blend the crease a bit and highlight the browbone. I'm not sure why I paired the warm shimmery blush with cool toned lips...Next time I'd wear a different lipstick!

Who's YOUR favorite Care Bear? Do you remember them? I used to have all the VHSs!