Lime Crime is a RIPOFF- Please Read

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Okay I'm leaving in a few hours, but must post this that I saw on Gothique.

Here's a link of an article with Xenia from LC. Check out the comments.

Great job on ripping off people, Lime Crime!

Also, here's a link of Anastasia's swatches showing that Lime Crime REPACKAGES TKB Trading Mica almost exactly.

This really pisses me off. As Ana said, they are selling repackaged $4 an ounce mica for $168 an ounce.

Have you tried Lime Crime? Will you try them knowing that they are ripping you off?


Rai said...

Wow! Not surprised and I'm sure she's not the only one.

I haven't purchased from them, I rather go buy many samples from About Face Cosmetics. lol

VampiressDoll said...

It looks overpriced! Now for these prices you'd expect them to have more unique sources. I guess you cannot copyright some colours, but even so you'd think they would try to make them as original as possible.
Hmmm how about the lipsticks though, I've never seen anything like these before?

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

crazy! I got a lot of reading to do! Thank you!

Alexa Hayden said...

wow. thanks for posting this up!
thank god i never bought anything from limecrime!

Jo said...

Hunny.. Ive nominated you for an award :) check it out here


Evil Angel said...

So while the rest of us are working our creative butts off to be origional and reasonably priced, she is ripping people off in every posible manner that she can?!
All I can say is Karma is an ugly bitch when she comes knocking at your door!

JordanMayTwigs said...

I read the article.
And don't see how she's ripping anyone off??

I've met Xania at New York Couture's Fashion Show.
She's a really nice chick.
Plus I love her work.

My friend Ziggy whose a photographer has also worked with her on shoots in Brooklyn,
Way back when she was still just modelling.

Sorry but I will be buying from her.
And I will say how much I enjoy her work.


Peace Love && Lipstick

krista carlson said...

I have purchased a couple of colors. Now knowing this I won't again....

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

I haven't even heard about this company before but didn't even got interested in their products: not too many colors and no samples available.

Katherine (Katie) Wolford said...

Wow, that's pretty crappy of this woman. I had never heard of the brand before, but I would definitely NOT purchase a single thing now. What a rip off.

Pixie_a_la_mode said...

When she first came out with the make-up line I started saving up to purchase some of her shadows. I had admired many of her make-up tuts and read her blog regularly. Finding this out is kind of like the phrase "never meet your heros." I feel a little betrayed, not because she re-packaged her shadows but for the fact that she charged so much for these shadows! It's almost ridiculous how she could sell this stuff for such a high price knowing that's it's re-packaged inexpensive goods.

AxSDenied said...

I wasted over $60 on the glitters only to find my samples from BFTE were the same and cheaper. Now seeing the eyeshadows are just repacked and jacked up in price really pisses me off. Not another dime from me

Secretia said...

That's some discovery! Nice detective work.