Sun n' Clouds!

Saturday, April 17, 2010
I just got the new Simple Pleasures Spring collection from Stardust and I've been in love. My favorites of the collection are Sun n' Clouds, Crystal Nude and Sparklefiend (what a cute name!). Simple Pleasures is a must have!

I'm working until midnight tonight, so I wanted something simple, but fancy enough to go out after.

What I used:
-Stardust Simple Pleasures Sun n' Clouds- Soft gray base with an intense golden frost
-Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero- black
-Random matte black shadow
-Stardust Simple Pleasures In Love Blush- Muted cool toned rose. Soft matte finish
-Stardust luminizer in Dewy- Natural glow
-Revlon matte lipstick in Pink Pout
Hehe I have my flying pig pajamas on!
I used Elf Primer all over lid, then gently patted on Sun n' Clouds. The golden sheen is much more vibrant in person! Then I lined with Zero and patted on a matte black over top.
I really like "In Love" blush. This is pretty much my natural skintone in the picture above...basically like a neutral white. In Love gives such a nice flush, not too much. I added Dewy just above my non-existent cheekbones to add a bit of shine!
Here's a totally odd blurry pic that shows Sun n' Clouds true color. A gentle grey that flashes gold (and do I detect a tiny hint of green?).

What are your plans for the weekend?? Anything fun? Have you tried the Spring Stardust collection?

I'm baaa-aaack!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Didja miss me? No? Well, screw you then ;o)

I've been up to a bunch of different things, work at the bookstore is going great, but I'm averaging 5-6 days a week and its certainly taking its toll! School is fine, just boring and almost over for the semester (yay! 2 weeks off haha!). I've also been reading like crazy...I think its working at the bookstore, it just makes me want to read everything I can get my paws on! Add me if you are on Goodreads (or sign up if you love reading!).

I also learned to crochet for the sole purpose of amigurumi. I luff it! So far I've made a few bits and pieces, check them out here if you're interested! The Michaelangelo ninja turtle was for my hubby's 28th birthday!

Makeup-wise, I've got a ton of fun stuff from my almost sister-in-law! Benefit, Cargo, many goodies to review! I've been pretty lazy lately...wearing a lot of neutrals, heavy black liner and lots of spring-y pinks.

I've also been nail polish crazy! I wish I was better at taking nail pictures...I've done some pretty sweet Konads :) I'm loving the new Essence line at Ulta so much! Gotta love $1 nail polish!

Well I just wanted to post a hello to you all! Let me know how you're doing...I'm so behind on blog reading! (I seriously need to delete some...I have almost 600 posts to read a day!)

And because every post needs a picture, here's Jigglypuff! I made him with this awesomesauce pattern!
*hugs from a very bad bloggette*

Break Time!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Well, hopefully some of you noticed that I haven't been around much lately. This is due to a few different things, including work, school and friends. I'm also attempting to get my camera in order (this thing is a piece of crap!) and it's just been crazy around here. I have tons of things to post, but I'm actually going to be taking a small break (maybe a couple weeks?) before I do so.

To all my followers, old and new, I definitely appreciate you and your concern! I'll still be reading blogs and hopefully commenting as I get a chance. I'm also going to be doing a big, fun giveaway with 3-4 prize sets when I get back, so don't abandon me!!!

Holy Crap!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Just popping in to say that I got my Archetype order. That I placed on the 13th. And everything was there. Plus four extra samples.

I wish this company was like this all the time! The colors are so beautiful, it really pisses me off!

But I've gotta go to work now! Busy as a bumble bee around here...hopefully things will die down soon so I can begin posting again!

More Facettes de la Femme...Magical Superwoman!

Friday, March 12, 2010
I'm still in love with the Facettes collection! I'm attempting to swatch it, but new camera won't cooperate and it seems one color is already sold out. Seriously, you *must* pick these up before they are gone!

I wanted to do something different and decided to go all out on the blues. I rarely wear blue shadow because I don't think it looks good with the red hair and just goes really 1980's on me. Or I feel like a hooker...perhaps a hooker from the 80s? Yeah. That sounds right. This actually turned out better than I thought (mainly because Stardust makes such awesomely wearable colors). The pics were taken in a hurry and therefore suck. Please imagine the awesomeness, okay?
What I used:
-Stardust Facettes de la Femme Magical Muse- blue toned purple with low shimmer
-Stardust Facettes de la Femme Superwoman- super hero blue with immortal red glitters
-Stardust Facettes de la Femme Pulse- sheer pearl white with shy pink shimmer
-Collection 2000 Glam Metallics coloured liquid liner in Punk- silvery blue
-Avon Colortrends liquid liner in Sparkling Black
-Aromaleigh Sonic Rocks blush in Femmefatale- clear vivid watermelon shade
-Stardust Winter LE cheek shimmer in Winter's Kiss- Palest rose with a cool blue sheen
-NYX round lipstick in Harmonica- baby pink frost

I used Pulse in the inner corners and browbone (gorgeous color, has the cutest pink sparkles in it!), then Magical Muse in the middle (which you totally can't see in the pictures, but is beautiful) and Superwoman on the outer 1/3rd of lid (this color ROCKS so hard!). Then I took Punk and lined the bottom lid, extending it out really far, then used a generic black liner on top again extending it out far and added a smidge of Magical Muse in the middle of the lines.
Meep! Close up! For some reason, blues make my eyes look green and, uh, not blue like they normally do!
So tonight was a super fun night! A couple of friends and Rob and I made burritos, watched "Are you afraid of the dark" (anyone remember that show???), played video games and read hilarious erotic poetry! It was seriously the funniest shit I've ever read. The best line from the whole book was: "Your pink cowboy hat is my vagina"....Ahaha whaaaaaat???

How's your Friday going??

I Touch Roses Review & Swatches

Thursday, March 11, 2010
I guess I'll start from the beginning...

Ordering is a bit difficult. I admit that I used the actual retail website instead of Etsy because you can't pick your own sample colors on Etsy. (Plus I don't actually like ordering samples off of Etsy cause its a pain in the butt to pick colors out...I gotta keep switching back and forth and everything and I'm just soooo lazy!)

The website isn't that great. I'm not really a website snob or anything, I just don't care for black backgrounds, they hurt my poor lil eyes! There is a very small color chart and a long list of colors underneath to choose from. The colors don't correspond (some don't have pictures, some pictures have no listing). To pick my colors, I basically scrolled through and read the descriptions. I was confused as to which ones were being offered.

Shipping: I ordered on February 8th (a Monday) and received my order February 18th (following Thursday). I couldn't find a shipping time stated anywhere. I got that automatic Paypal "your order has shipped" thing on the 12th, but it never updated. On the 18th, I contacted Ahna asking if she knew what was happening with my order. She replied with a simple "contact the post office". I was a little miffed about this since normally a company will work with the p/o themselves or just resend your order. Thankfully, I got it that afternoon. I thought 10 days was a bit long to wait without any communication. I ordered 3 other things (one from Canada!) on the same day and got all before this one.

The shadows come in really small baggies with the names handwritten on them but you get a nice amount. See above for a comparison of a "normal" size baggie vs. these. The formulas are different and unique, some were pearls (very shimmery and shiny, almost like a foil), some seemed like mattes with glitter and others were dry.
Click to make bigger! Swatched on top of Detrivore primer.

-Siren Spell shadow- Sea green with magenta shimmer (No picture for this one on site...I think this is where its bad to NOT have a swatch. To me, I thought it was like sea FOAM green. It's more of a slightly blue mid-tone green). It is by far the most interesting shadow, but I see that it was created from a customer contest.
-Mercy shadow- Bright cranberry with gold shimmer (There is a picture for this one! The color is actually pretty close, but sadly the gold shimmer doesn't show up that well)
-Love Sick shadow- Dark dusty rose with golden shimmer (Definitely not close at all to the picture. It's much, much darker than I thought! Again, the gold shimmer does not show through)
-Saint shadow- Light lavender with pearl and crystal shimmer (Again, not close to the picture. The swatch makes it look very blue-purple, but its really not. I do really like this one though, just not what I was expecting!)
-Chase Me shadow- Pale pink with golden shimmer (No picture here. The gold shimmer shows up though! Very pretty color, but sheer)
-Angel shadow- Light taupe with crystal Sparkle (No picture here either. BUT, this color is amazing. I want a full size of it!! Very shiny and pretty and the perfect pin-up girl color!)
-Serene shadow- Light peachy taupe extra pearl (No picture. Another win though! So pretty!)

Onto the blushes! There aren't any descriptions, but since the samples are dirt cheap, I ordered 3. They came in the very small baggies again, which is fine for shadows but not so easy for blushes. The formula is very dry and two of the three blushes (Rose Dust & Doll Face) went on very streaky).
-Gothic blush- sort of a greyed out lavender with strange "dirty" undertone.
-Rose Dust blush- sheer dusty orange based pink
-Doll Face blush- pale pink lavender!

Lip colors, then? This part of the site is better. All colors have both a picture and a description. I noticed differences in the texture of each color I tried.

-Risque Lip Euphoria- dark grape purple. (Goes on fairly opaque. Has a pretty thick and waxy texture. Smells like that fake grape candy.)
-Marry Me Lip Euphoria- semi sheer pink with pink shimmer (Very, very wet and sheer. Because of this, it sinks right into the lip lines.)
-Hint Lip Euphoria- semi sheer hint of color (Looks nothing like the swatch. Goes on basically clear with a greasy sort of texture.)
-Princess Lip Euphoria- semi sheer pinkish color (Again, different from swatch. Gives off a small bit of dusty pink color, no coral to be seen. Thick and waxy.)

So is I Touch Roses Sparkle-Approved? Not quite yet! Once the website is updated with more accurate swatches I might add it in. I know that photographing mmu is a really difficult and time consuming process, but its important for the customer. Also, a different type of sample baggy and labels would also be better. I detest getting samples with the color name written on in permanent marker...for one, it rubs off and second, I think it looks a bit trashy next to the rest of my nicely labeled samples (my dislike of this has gotten me into trouble before with a company, but I stand by it...printed labels look more professional!). And something should also be done with the shipping. I don't mind waiting if a company states how long it is going to take, but normally when one orders from a company that doesn't state this, it comes quickly.


Well, this isn't exactly an edit, but just some notes after reading other reviews. First, Heather's experience was pretty different from mine. My samples did not come in a purple organza bag, rather in a plain white envelope and there was no note. Also, they were all mixed together, my lip samples were not seperated. The strangest thing though is that we both recieved our orders on the same day, yet she got a note saying that "Hint" and "Princess" were too similar and she sent Heather a different lippie instead. But I got the two colors...Weird, right?

Shattered also had a different experience from BOTH of us. Her samples arrived wrapped in tissue paper with a logo sticker and she got a business card with a discount code (which I did not get!). She also noticed that a lot of her colors had black iron oxide (a mineral that makes blendability shitty) in them. I think because I only ordered light, fluffy bunny colors, mine did not.

So, the weirdness of each one of us getting our orders differently is just one more confusing thing for me...On the color side, I liked enough of the shadows to get more samples but on the business side, things need to be figured out a bit more before I'll order again.

Sorry for the longness of this! If you made it down this far, thanks for reading XD What are your thoughts?

Sugar Sprinkled Candy Look

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hey everyone! I had this totally awesome idea in my head of a bright pink eye topped with loads of shimmering glitter and some bitch-liner (thats LK-speak for inky cat eyes with smudgy lower lashline). It didn't turn out quite how I wanted...and the whole loads of glitter thing probably wasn't a great idea. But, hey, I tried!

What I used:
-Aromaleigh Sonic Rocks in Raspberryberet- incredible reddish violet raspberry with shiny shimmer
-Aromaleigh Sonic Rocks in Lookinforakiss- intense fuschia pink with contrasting blue/green shimmy (I can't see the shimmer in this, only white or silver)
-Sassy Minerals Gaining Ground- Pale rosy beige with flashes of green and pink shimmer
-UD 24/7 liner in Zero-black
-Avon Colortrends liquid liner in Sparkling Black
-2True Cheek & Lip tint in Blush Pink
-Mememe Beat the Blues highlight in Moonbeam (supposed Benefit dupe)
-Hard Candy Painted Lady Lipstick in Fire Alarm- sheer nude
With no flash, the colors look a bit muted, but trust me, this shit is BRIGHT. (Plus...I wish I had eyelids that you could see. It's so frustrating! Haha I feel like "Mean Girls" cuticles suck!)
I used lookinforakiss in the inner 2/3rds of lid up into crease and then raspberryberet in outer 1/3rd and in crease. I lined with black liquid liner on top and smudged a pencil on the bottom. Highlight is Gaining Ground.

And cause I know you all want to see the MEGA FLASH picture (wait, you dont? oh well...)
HOLY SHIT! That's some bright pink, right?

So by now, I'm all sure you are aware that the Rocks line is being reformulated and all stock is being sold for 35% off. My take on this is that I'm actually really glad they are being reformulated. Honestly, I'm much too lazy to have to foil all of my colors to get the "true" brightness. Also, my lids have been stained bright pink or orange way too many times. Even with a primer, I don't get it! I'm sure I'll be wearing pink eyeshadow for a week after this one XD

If you want to see some swatches of my Rocks collection, click here.

So what do you think about the new reformulation and all the changes happening at Aromaleigh (sadly, there will be no more lippies!)? Do you wear bright pink on eyes or lips? (For some reason, I'll rock ANY color on my eyes, but I always like nude lips!)